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"Symphony" Documentary

I'm grateful the premiere of my Symphony was documented in Episode 9 of the Music Makes a City Web Series. Enjoy this insight into the final stages of an orchestral premiere!

Sebastian composing at San Onofre, San Clemente, California


My music is vibrant and modern. My style of creation and preferred mode of work is thorough, creative, rigorous, and passionate. I am deeply committed to every piece I write and absolutely uncompromising in realizing my vision for every project I choose to participate in. The Philadelphia Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the New World Symphony, and the Louisville Orchestra are but some of the ensembles that have played my music.

Sebastian playing chamber music with friends in Louisville, Kentucky


I perform both solo and in chamber groups. My experience as an orchestral pianist has given me experience on a variety of instruments such as harpsichord, celeste, synthesizer, harmonium, & organ. I am passionate about playing music both old & new and bring the same exactingly high performance standards that I have adhered to for my whole life to every performance. I am passionate about collaboration with like-minded individuals and am continually on the hunt for those who are simpatico with me.

Sebastian sitting on a rock at Red River Gorge in Kentucky

In Collaboration with You

  • Original works for all instruments or ensembles.
  • Chamber music.
  • Cross-disciplinary projects.