Below are several short audio & score excerpts of Sebastian Chang's original compositions.

The instrumentation / setting for these compositions range, from large-scale multi-movement pieces for chorus & orchestra, to short-scale or long-scale compositions for solo instruments in either single movements, multi-movements, or in sets or playlists as groups of compositions.

Sebastian is comfortable composing and operating in all instrumental / percussion / choral settings, and can draw upon, re-create, and synthesize a wide range of musical aesthetics, styles, and techniques.

Between Heaven & Earth, Op. 38

for Chorus & Orchestra

I. City Face (Excerpt)

II. Apocalypse / Maze 1 / Maze 2 (Excerpt)

III. Ancestral / Air-Walker (Excerpt)

Symphony, Op. 34

for Orchestra

Mvmt I. "Validation"

II. "Vibrance"

III. "Experience"

IV. "Gestalt"

Sunrise (orch Vibrance / Dectet remix), Op. 32

for 2 Violins & Piano

Walking, Op. 27

for Orchestra

12 Piano Etudes, Op. 10

for Piano