PBS Documentary about the premiere of my Symphony

Sebastian's Symphony is the most complete embodiment of his art, aesthetic & philosophy to date. It remains the most productive occasion of furtherance and progression in his career. This watershed moment in his life was captured in PBS's Music Makes a City online documentary web series embedded below.

Sebastian composing at San Onofre, San Clemente, California


Sebastian's style is vibrant & unique, and his skill is best utilized as a composer of original music. Through his practice & extensive professional experience, he is also a skilled arranger, transcriber, engraver, & orchestrator, whose work has been utilized for regular season professional orchestral concerts & film work. The Philadelphia Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the New World Symphony, and the Louisville Orchestra are some of the professional orchestras that have performed Sebastian's work.

Sebastian playing chamber music with friends in Louisville, Kentucky


Sebastian's extensive experience as a professional freelance pianist & keyboardist, as a soloist, within professional orchestras and chamber ensembles, and his regular experience gigging in Top 40 cover bands as a professional keyboardist, has given him an exhaustive body of knowledge on a variety of instruments (harpsichord, celeste, synthesizer, harmonium, organ, et al.) in a variety of styles (classical, commercial / pop, oldies, Motown, Soul, R&B, Cumbia, et al.). He can sight-read well, has perfect pitch, and can improvise in a variety of styles.

Sebastian sitting on a rock at Red River Gorge in Kentucky

A Quick History of Music & The Value That Sebastian Provides as a Composer

Music's story has been astounding. The way music as an entity has developed from songs & simple percussion instruments during prehistory, through its development & burgeoning under the auspices of the church and the beginnings of the music writing system, then ushered and guided by the great composers who contributed to the classical music canon, and the recent & rapid rise of digital technology, resulting in the genesis of film music, new genres like Hip Hop, video game soundtracks, and a bevy of other things not touched on here, is breathtaking to contemplate. The way in which we listen to, share, and communicate music to each other has changed tremendously as well. It took several centuries in the western world to develop a good, working writing system for music, conveyed via handwriting on parchment or paper, until very recent history. Nowadays, sophisticated technologies can broadcast and stream fully performed and produced music to anyone, anywhere, instantaneously, 24/7, through headphones, speakers, broadcast towers, even satellites.

A consequence to these technological advances, aided by the well-designed hardware & software U.I.'s of D.A.W.'s, plug-ins, and other audio generative equipment, is that laypeople can produce music that makes sense without having to know about the elements of music. Producers who can't read or write music, and/or cannot play an instrument, can make up for these factors by becoming experts at utilizing their gear, though they must continually contend with obeisance.

Sebastian offers quality, speed, and extensive experience & training in D.A.W. environments and other digital instruments. Beyond that, he offers a proven platform for unleashing maximum creativity. His classical training in piano and composition has given him a reliable, time-tested body of knowledge and a familiarity with the building blocks of music, the understanding of which allows him to interface musically with other musicians on their own terms. He also carries with him a unique body of knowledge from his professional performance experience, which is markedly different from the knowledge that he has gained through his composition / arrangement / orchestration / transcription / engraving experience. This knowledge base, plus his experience, coupled with his training, invariably produces effective, fast, creative, high quality results.

Contact Sebastian for Quality Bespoke Musical Solutions!

  • Original compositions for any instruments or ensembles
  • Solo classical piano
  • Chamber music performance
  • Accompaniment for vocalists & instrumentalists
  • Recording Studio & Session Tracking
  • Live Top 40 Band for parties, weddings, events, et al. (Pop, Motown, Oldies/Classics, Soul, R&B, Jazz, et al.)
  • Orchestral piano & keyboard coverage
  • Film underscore
  • Video game soundtrack
  • Original music for cross-disciplinary projects (Music +Ballet, +Theatre, +Art, et al.)
  • Additional services offered include but are not limited to: Arrangement, Orchestration, Transcription, Reduction, Engraving, Part-Making, Proof-reading, et al.